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High on Life (video game)

A funny first-person shooter combining action-adventure and Metroidvania themes is called High on Life. It occurs in a science fiction setting with talking weapons. Justin Roiland was the creator, and Squanch Games worked on its development and publication. The game was made available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on December 13, 2022.On July 22, 2023, it was later ported to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The game’s comedy was the subject of various assessments from opponents, who additionally noted the game’s initial technical difficulties.


The first-person shooter video game High on Life combines metroidvania with action-adventure gameplay. Select targets must be killed, and players must first make their way inside the targets’ cave before facing them in an all-out battle.

A sentient knife and five live firearms known as “Gatlians” are the players’ primary weapons of attack. The weapons have ready for battle primary, alternative, and unique “trick hole” firing modes. Players may travel the planet via ziplines thanks to the knife’s improved dealing ability. In non-combat situations, weapon specialties are often used to unlock doors and solve puzzles.

By investing in upgrades in stores or finding them in chests, players may gain new skills or improve their current ones. When in a Metroidvania, players can visit previously unavailable sections when they gain more Gatlians and other weapons.

Players come across links and platforming parts, puzzles that require the use of the Gatlians’ weapon powers, and social areas where they can communicate with non-player characters in addition to battle.

Features Of High On Life

Movement and gunplay that are fun

With the many Gatlians, Mods, and movement choices you unlock during the plot, the game also provides a very enjoyable and satisfying gaming experience.

Exploring each environment and fulfilling quests are made a ton of fun by juggling opponents with Kenny’s Glob Shot, powersliding with the Slide Bash, and swinging through Hookbugs with Knifey’s Rope.

Various Types of Enemy

Merk and Grunt Enemies are High on Life.You’ll also face an array of alien foes in High on Life as you go after rewards. There are lots of enemies for you to shoot down, ranging from the G3 Cartel’s hordes of Grunts and Merks to dangerous animals like the Mytes and Greebles.

Uncountable Collectibles

Deep Jungle Lugloc Collectible: High on Life

In addition to offering countless goodies hidden across each world, High on Life also richly rewards research. Completionists will have a fantastic time looking for them and earning Pesos, Mods, Upgrades, and other goodies because the game has an amazing 222 Luglox Chests and 27 Trading Cards.

Amazing Alien Worlds

Zephyr Paradise Environment:Amazing Alien Worlds High on Life .Some of the game’s best features are the variety and atmosphere of the extra terrestrial worlds that may be explored.Though quite different, locations like the cyberpunk-styled streets of Blim City and the greenery of Zephyr Paradise are both well-designed and seem well at home in the universe of High on Life.

High on Life Cons


  1. Low Replayability
  2. No Manual Save System
  3. No FOV Slider
  4.  Relatively Short Game Length

Missing FOV Slider

the video settings screen for “High on Life,” High on Life lacks a FOV slider while having a respectable selection of video options. For some gamers, having no way to switch to their chosen camera field of view may be a deal-breaker.

No manual save mechanism

High on Life- Pause the video without pressing the save button. In addition, High on Life completely skips manual saving for the sake of a checkpoint system. Unfortunately, this technique has sometimes led to problems and bans saving at particular points in the game, which can be irritating for some players.

Game Length is Relatively Short

Using Lezduit against Garmantuous (the last boss) when high on life. The game’s stated average playtime, on Normal Mode difficulty, without trying to find many of the game’s valuables, is only 10 to 12 hours. Some fans may be turned off by the game’s brief length and high price.

Replayability is low

High on Life: The Quiet Little Family of Luglox Disc Warp High on Life has little replayability as well. Players are limited to using achievements, collectibles, repeating the game to access other discussion options, and searching for the game’s hidden ending to extend their playtime because New Game Plus isn’t available.

Is High on Life Worth It?

High on Life: It’s Worth It to Be High on Life

High on Life is still a good game to buy and play, despite its technical issues and brief length. The game is fun to play from beginning to end because to the game’s funny language, action-packed gunplay, and silly plot.

Pros  Of High On Life


  1. Many truly funny jokes
  2. smooth movement
  3. distinct design
  4. Imagined deep shooting

Reviews Of High On Life

Rick and Metroid

Although its comedy is certain to divide opinion, the gameplay itself is far more acceptable. High on Life is a first-person adventure game that focuses on platforming and draws a lot of design ideas from Metroid Prime. It really shines in that regard as players discover new tools that expand the universe until every square inch of it is available for exploring. It begins with a hook called a grappling hook (connected to a deadly knife) that is used to cross hurdles and avoid toxic floors before advancing toward better movement tools like jetpacks. Players have lots of possibilities to link their skills together to perform powerful plays thanks to the rapid and fluid platforming.

Although High on Life’s success as an adventure will mostly be determined by its comedy.

Looks for and destroys

High on Life’s success as a first-person shooter is what surprises me the most. Its battle first feels boring. Kenny may shell enemies with pistol rounds and throw them into the air with a “globshot” (a term you’ll quickly grow tired of). But as each of the game’s four weapons gets more advanced, combat turns into a hectic gloop war.

I enjoyed the possibilities for deep combinations as soon as I learned the unique characteristics of each gun.Instead of just copying a typical weapon archetype, Squanch gives each gun a unique sense of personality. For instance, Sweezy works like a machine gun that fires rapidly. However, it may charge up a long-distance shot when pointing down sights.

Last words

High on Life, which was described as a “breakout hit” by Xbox VP of Marketing Aaron Green Berg, was the most played game on Xbox Game Pass during the week of its debut and the fourth most played game overall on the Xbox platform. Furthermore, it became the most popular game on Steam.


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